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Westville Felony Defense Attorneys

Being accused of a felony in New Jersey is a serious legal matter, requiring serious legal support from a felony defense attorney.

When you need the best, call New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers!

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers is your Westville felony defense law firm. We represent clients that are facing real legal battles and looking for excellent guidance, patient support, and reliable answers to their questions.

You need a proactive, experienced Westville criminal defense lawyer willing to aggressively fight for your rights. New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers handles all parts of your case, such as research and investigation, sourcing witnesses, and even building evidence to prove your innocence or reduce charges. When you need an aggressive defender, we will be by your side to tackle the most challenging situations.

The criminal defense law firm of New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers is always ready to protect your freedom.

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Arrested in New Jersey? What To Do

Being arrested in Westville can turn one of the best times of your life into the worst in a blink of an eye. Your response to this situation will impact the outcome of your legal issue, as well as your ability to keep your freedom.

arrested and in handcuffsDo Not Talk To Cops. Your first instinct will probably be to explain what is happening, why you are involved, and why you are innocent. Resist that urge! You are not obligated to tell a police officer anything other than your name. Many police officers will attempt to get information from you as early as possible, even before they deliver your Miranda rights. Anything you say during this interaction can be used against you. Invoke your right to remain silent the moment you talk to an officer of the law.

The investigators and law officials will lie to you, and it’s completely legal. Local and state cops are allowed to tell you anything to get any information that will assist their investigation. They may even attempt to trick you into giving away information that may incriminate you. This can lead to granting access for search and seizure of your property. Do consent to any type of body or property search, including your home, car, or hotel room without presenting a warrant.

Contact an expert criminal defense attorney in New Jersey as soon as possible, such as calling New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers at (609) 318-6465 immediately for smart advice and an aggressive legal defense.

New Jersey Criminal Defense Process

After a felony arrest, you will need to prepare for the next steps. New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers provides experienced legal support from the moment you are taken into custody through to the final resolution of your case.

criminal defense attorney in New JerseyMany tourists arrested in New Jersey are experiencing their first brush with the law and can make anyone anxious. This can potentially result in bad decisions. Understanding the process will help you, and how to best handle yourself in the situation. We definitely can help.

Depending on your offense, you may be released from custody with a citation and ordered to appear in court. You may also be taken to the City Jail for booking. Processing will involve removing and inventorying your belongings for storage. Then you will undergo fingerprinting and taking your mugshot. As a result, you may spend multiple nights in jail.

The Arraignment: This is your first appearance before the court. During this process, you will be read your charges, provided with the Charging Document, and will have the opportunity to enter your plea. You will then enter a not guilty plea.

Negotiation: Typically conducted in the courtroom depending on your jurisdiction and type of case. Some are handled via communication with the prosecutor or district attorneys. During this time, various options such as a plea bargain or a reduced charge will be discussed.

Preliminary Hearing: For a felony charge the next stage is a preliminary hearing if parties cannot reach a negotiated agreement. At this point, Your arguments will be considered by the judge. Then, he will review the evidence presented by both sides. Preparing for the preliminary hearing is imperative. This is your opportunity to prove your innocence or create enough reasonable doubt to avoid a trial.

Felony Jury Trial: You will be scheduled for a trial if the judge determines there is enough evidence to warrant a jury trial. We will diligently compile the information, expert testimony, and witness statements needed to support your case.

Enlisting the legal support of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible can greatly impact the final resolution of your case. The dedicated felony defense lawyers at New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers assist with interrogations, arraignments, plea bargains, and trial defense, making us the only Westville felony defense law firm you need.

If you have been charged with DUI crime, drug charge, violent crime, domestic battery, assault and battery, theft crimes, white collar crime, sex crimes, child abuse or other felony offense, the expert Westville, NJ criminal attorneys of New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers are ready to fight for your rights.

Theft/Larceny Charges

New Jersey Criminal Law Attorneys

Theft charges can be very serious. Moreover, potential employers may not consider you due to your criminal records. This office possesses the expertise and experience to lower and even dismiss these charges. Also, if necessary we are always prepared to go to trial to protect your interests.

Some of the common crimes of Theft in New Jersey that our office handles include:

Petty (Petit) Larceny and Shoplifting Offenses, Grand Larceny, Burglary, Robbery, Grand Larceny Auto

The degree of crime for larceny varies based upon the amount allegedly taken. Different penalties apply to the different degrees, ranging from disorderly person charges to 1st-degree felony level. We can help you understand what you are being charged with, the potential penalties associated with your charge, and help build an active defense so you can get the best possible results.

Contact New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers if you have been charged with these or any other theft crime to use our experience to protect yourself.

DUI Defense & Drug Defense Lawyers

Criminal Drug Charges & Dui AttorneyDriving under the influent (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is one of the most frequent criminal charges in Westville along with other traffic violations.

Whether you are innocent or not, we will help you build an active defense. Do not trust the half price lawyers you see on every billboard. Go with the super lawyers of New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers for your best chance at avoiding license suspensions or a permanent blemish on your criminal record.

If you are looking for an accomplished DUI defense lawyer in New Jersey after being involved in drunk driving, facing criminal charges for felony DUI, or multiple DUI’s, call New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers. Our Westville defense attorneys are always ready to get you the best results possible.

You Need A Dedicated Investigator

violent crime defense and homicide defense lawyer NJWhen law enforcement is investigating New Jersey crimes, they analyze the facts as they were presented to them at that moment, especially when determining who may be responsible. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen at this point.

In 2015, 149 incarcerated people were cleared of charges for crimes that they did not even commit. They spent an average of 14.5 years behind bars before justice was finally served. Some were even lined up in death row. They were innocent in most of these cases.

During the investigation, the police will focus on finding evidence and testimonies that will support the guilt of the suspect. This is often caused by understaffing and under budget. It limits their ability to explore all possibilities of the case.

As your expert legal defense team, the law offices of New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers will evaluate every piece of evidence, testimony, or proof diligently. We believe that it is your legal right to have a competent defense. We will consider every possibility to ensure you get the best defense for your Westville criminal case.

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New Jersey Criminal Defense LawyerAs your dedicated Westville criminal defense attorneys, New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers provides complete legal support and guidance for those handling a criminal charge in New Jersey and surrounding areas. If you were arrested in New Jersey, it is crucial that you immediately get competent, experienced, and professional legal support. We will be with you through each process, and provide support, advice, and aggressive negotiation and courtroom skills if your case advances.

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers is ready to get the justice you deserve! Stop the nonsense, call our dedicated criminal law attorneys!

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